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  • Zoom (Download the guidelines about Zoom):

  • Loom (Download the guidelines about Loom):

3. Start your presentation introducing yourself (briefly), followed by your work title. Do not forget to cite your institution (education or professional) and its location.

4. Remember: it is important to be seen during the presentation. Please, make sure that your slides and your image are visible during all the video.

5. Please, do not go over the time limit for your presentation. We will not have enough time to edit your video.

Remember: we can assist you during the pre-recordings from July 26th to August 6th. For those who need assistance, please schedule the recordings at:


We will prepare a 30 to 40 minutes call with a WCEAM 2021 team member. Please, note that the available times will be automatically adjusted to your local time zone.

The platform for the meetings will be StreamYard. Please, refer to the following guideline to know how to access the StreamYard.

Download the StreamYard guideline >>

For questions and requests: wceam2021@ufms.br

(Please, use the subject: Pre Recorded Presentation)


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Dear authors,

The total duration for each presentation is 20 minutes. Presenters are encouraged to speak for 15 minutes, allow 5 minutes for question-answer (Q&A) discussion and then changeover to the next presenter.

To prevent the risk of internet connectivity loss, we encourage the authors to have their presentations pre-recorded. During the Congress, the use of the recorded presentation will be optional, but the Q&A discussion will be online. The recorded presentations must be submitted until August 7th 2021.

We can assist you for the pre-recordings from July 26th to August 6th. Please schedule at:




If you prefer to make the video without our assistance, please refer to the guidelines below regarding the recording and information about the tools to use.

Recording Recommendations


1. Please, be aware that the maximum length of the recording must be no longer than 15 minutes.

2. To record your presentation, you can use tools you have available, but below are some options with links to their recording guidelines: