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Template for full papers

For preparation of the  full paper (category A) please use the following template:


Authors whose abstracts have been accepted should now submit their full papers


Directions for submission of Full Paper:

  • The full papers must be written in English and prepared in accordance with the conference template.

  • Observe the maximum length (number of pages) allowed.

  • Update the file using the Springer's OCS: https://ocs.springer.com/misc/home/WCEAM2021   (Please, do not create a new submission)


We look forward to your participation in 15th WCEAM!


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  • Submission of Industry Presentations


We highly encourage Industry presentations from Asset owners, Service providers, Technology developers, Engineering Contractors, Authorities, and Public institutions. Those who have a good 'Business story’ to share with others can submit a draft PDF of their presentations (no full paper is required). 

Authors with accepted abstracts are free to use their institutional template and will have 20 minutes for presentation.


  • Submission of Abstracts and Full papers


Abstracts submission is now CLOSED. 

Please, submit your Abstract with names of all authors, their affiliations, Title of the Paper, and a brief description of the technical content of the paper. Limit the technical description to 500 words, with no figures or tables. Authors can either write the Abstract directly in the Springer's OCS submission portal or upload as a PDF document.

Authors will be notified about the acceptance of their Abstracts in due time according to the Congress schedule. Once your Abstract has been accepted, you have to upload the Full paper within the deadline given. 

Full research papers (Category A) should be no longer than 12 pages.